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USC Managers

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2020-21 United Soccer Club Managers

U6 Coed Academy @USCHSV
U7/8 Academy Boys @USCHSV
U7/8 Academy Girls @USCHSV
12 Boys (U9) Ann Gaspich
12 Girls (U9) Tara Garcia
11 Boys (U10) Meggan Crunkleton
11 Girls (U10) Meredith Miller
10 Boys (U11) David Alldredge
10 Girls (U11) Meredith Miller
09 Boys P, E, &S (U12) Meredith Miller
09 Girls (U12) Patrice Bishop
08 Boys Premier (U13) Manil Maskey
08 Boys Elite (U13) Cheryl Case
08 Girls P & E (U13) Patrice Bishop
07 Boys P & E (U14) Brent Burney
07 Girls P (U14) Leslie Jeffery & Tara Garcia
06 Boys P & E (U15) Julieann Oxley
05/06 Girls Elite (U16) Amanda Lowe
05 Boys Premier (U16) Katy & Kurt Bothwell
05 Boys Elite (U16) Troy Moore
04 Boys Premier(U17) Marie Morgan
03 Boys Premier (U18) Lisa Moore
03 Boys Elite (U18) Laura Hale
03 Girls Premier (U18) Jason Wampler
03/04 Girls Elite (U18)
02/03 Girls Premier (U19) Kevin Morris

Meredith Miller

Meredith Miller

USC Club Manager

Katy Bothwell

Katy Bothwell

USC Manager Liaison

Publix Find a Field

Descriptions and addresses of all ASA fields.

Got Sport

Got Sport Score Reporting

1.      Got to Alabama state league schedule page:

2.      Click on “Scoring Input” in the top right corner of screen.

3.      Enter “1234” for the PIN and click “Submit”.

4.      Enter Match Number (from Game Card); select Gender; select Age Group; select Division and click “Search”.

5.      Game details should come up and you can now enter cards, injuries and scores.  Click “Save”.

Coach/Manager Training

Safe Sport Training

If you have never completed Safe Sport before, you must take the full course. Once you have passed the full course, you are required to complete the refresher course annually. Log in to your Got Sport account and from your home dashboard page, click on SafeSport. Copy the access code and click "Begin course". Then upload your certificate once you have completed the course or refresher.

CDC Head's Up Concussion Course

Required by Alabama Soccer Association for ALL Coaches and Managers. Upload your completed certificate into the "Concussion Training" spot in your personal Stack Sports account.

Tournaments and Other Logins

Synovus Online Business Banking

For online access to your team's USC bank account, please email Meredith Miller