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USC Managers

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Please contact the corresponding manager for information regarding USC and/or to schedule games. 

2018-19 United Soccer Club Managers

U6/7 Academy Boys & Girls n/a
U8 Academy Boys & Girls n/a
10 Boys (U9) TBD
10 Girls TBD
09 Boys (U10) Meredith Miller
09 Girls TBD
08 Boys (U11) Rachel Cobb
08 Girls Patrice Bishop
07 Boys (U12) Mark Szymanski
07 Girls Jeff Sallas
06 Boys (U13) Jodi Grubb
05/06 Girls Amanda Lowe
05 Boys Premier (U14) Katy Bothwell
05 Boys Elite Rhonda Moore
05 Boys Select Katy Bothwell
04 Boys (U15) Jennifer Derby
03 Boys Premier (U16) Lisa Moore
03 Boys Elite Laura Hale
03/04 Girls Jonathan Zecher
02 Boys (U17) Marie Day
01 Boys Premier (U18) Laurel Peffer
01 Boys Elite Emily Dutia
02/01 Girls Dave Slifka
00 Boys (U19) Kathy Smith
99 Boys Premier Elizabeth Herrin
99 Boys Elite Tony Lashey
99 Girls Susan Kelly

Alabama Soccer Association Medical Release Form

Every player registered with USC must have signed ASA form on hand with their team manager.