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Fall 2021 Practice Schedule

Field Legend

Merrimack Soccer Complex, Fields 1-10 (grass) 3501 Triana Blvd. 35805 MMK
Merrimack Soccer Complex, Field 11-18 (turf) Ivy Avenue, across from entrance of Milton Frank Stadium (3770 Ivy Ave 35805 will take you to parking lot adjacent to field 14). MMKT
John Hunt Soccer Complex 2151 Airport Rd. 35801 JH
Mastin Lake 3315 Watson Drive 35810 ML

Season PRactice Reminders

  • Download the Team Snap app and you will be assigned to the appropriate team after tryouts and registration.   
  • Please be on time and arrive wearing the correct manager/coach assigned practice jersey color (U11-U14) or athletic attire (U6-U10: a USC jersey or shirt is encouraged, but not required),  cleats, shin guards, a properly inflated ball, and water.   Please make sure your athlete is dressed appropriately for the weather conditions. 
  • U6-U10- at least 1 parent/guardian is encouraged to stay during practice in case your athlete needs to be walked to the MMK Field 5 field house or JH 2 restrooms.  
    U11-U14- parents are not required to stay for practice, but are welcome to do so.
  • Most USC coaches have back to back practices, so please email your coach if you have questions or concerns regarding your athlete.  Delaying coaches in between practices is strongly discouraged. 
  • Follow USC on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for pictures from throughout the season.  If you post pictures on social media outlets, be sure to use #uschsv

Tips for Cold Weather/Wet Practice:

  • HEAD:  Snug fitting toboggan hats and thermal headbands are more secure than earmuffs during practice and play. 
  • UPPER BODY:  Layer closest to skin should be moisture-wicking, followed by a fleece/thermal layer, followed by a training type jacket.  Please remember, NO HOODS on sweatshirts or jackets.  For ASL games, undershirts should match the majority of the jersey (U11 and up= white for home and navy for away)
  • LOWER BODY:  Compression tights under shorts or warm-up pants and tall soccer socks. 
  • HANDS:  Gloves are permissible, preferably with a grip.  Start with gloves....once your hands are cold, they will not be as helpful. 
  • FEET:  Hand warmers can be used in cleats for extra warmth.  Make sure your shoes dry out between training sessions and games.  If you do not have a rack for your electric dryer, try stuffing them with newspaper and placing near a vent.   

Tips for Hot Weather/Extreme heat practice

  • Wear light-colored and lightweight clothing; if clothes become saturated with sweat, change into dry clothes. 
  • Try to drink cold water as frequently as possible. During long bouts of intense exercise, it's a good idea to use a sports drink that contains sodium to replace the sodium lost in sweat. Most sports drinks contain adequate salt. Salt tablets are not recommended.
  • Pay attention to early signs and symptoms of dehydration: Dry or sticky mouth, thirst, headache, dizziness, cramps, and/or excessive fatigue
  • Don’t let embarrassment keep you on the field. If you feel dehydrated or sick, tell your coach right away.
  • Sleep at least six to eight hours at night in a cool environment, eat a well-balanced diet, and stay hydrated throughout the day, even when you are not on the playing field.
  • Track body weight to make sure you are properly hydrated. Your goal should be less than 2 percent body-weight change during a practice session