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USC 05BP successful in Las Vegas

By USC, 03/13/19, 2:45PM CDT


The USC 05B Premier finished their final day of National League play with a 1-0 victory over SDor 05B out of Virginia (goal from Juan Manuel Gazga, assisted by Aidan Marquez). The boys competed very hard in all games and all players, parents and coaches can be very proud of the excellent standard of soccer that these boys demonstrated over the course of the National League. 

They were competitive in every single game which is a very tough feat to achieve coming from a smaller soccer community than many of these programs from around the country. This was a tremendous experience for USC, and our staff are extremely proud of these boys for their achievements in terms of results, but more so the standard of soccer they display, and the extremely well mannered behavior they exemplified on and off of the field. There is a great team camaraderie among the players, parents and coaches there, that is a big part of their success. The boys have friendship, and that friendship is deeply rooted in their love of playing soccer together, and their commitment to play the game well. 

It also needs to be mentioned, every successful team at USC has one common thread, and that is great coaches with great perspective, and great team managers. I commend Coaches Paul Tedesco and Phil Moyer for the standard they have helped this group of boys achieve, and I also have to brag on team managers Katy and Kurt Bothwell (parents to Owen Bothwell). This was the most organized and well prepared soccer trip I have ever been on, and Katy and Kurt did the most excellent job of having every last detail planned for the boys and their families to make sure they were as prepared as possible to have a successful experience. I can not say enough about these team managers and what excellence they manage the entire season for the 05B every season. This trip was exceptional and I commend them on their tireless effort to make sure food, hydration, accommodations, everything on time (which is extremely difficult to do chaperoning 14 year olds), extra curricular activities, the entire trip was an excellent experience. Thank you to the two of them, to all the USC 05B parents for their effort to help out. I also want to say, on behalf of United Soccer Club, thank you to all sponsors who helped make this experience possible. This investment is a blessing to United Soccer Club and all future teams to come.

Congratulations to all.