- WILL PRE REGISTER TO CUT DOWN ON FACE TO FACE CONTACT.  Those who do not, will take forms back to their car to fill out.   
- Will check temperature BEFORE arriving at fields. Anything over 100 degrees automatically results in staying home.   Anyone feeling symptomatic in any way is encouraged to stay home and let your coach/manager know.  No one will be penalized for missing tryouts.  Tryout attendance is voluntary. 
- All non participating bystanders are encouraged to wear masks to the fields when in direct conversation with others.  Watching tryouts from your personal car and outside the fences is strongly encouraged. 
- Bathrooms will be closed.
- NO spitting will be permitted.
- Will bring their own water jug and not share drinks or snacks with anyone else.
- Will NOT bring own ball.  Only sanitized club balls/equipment will be used. 
- Will not bring extra equipment or bags or share personal equipment (guards, gloves, etc.).  Players agree to spread out water jugs, etc. on their designated sideline.  
- Will bring black AND gray training jersey.  New players should bring a dark and light shirt.  No pinnies will be used at this time. 
- Carpooling is discouraged outside your immediate family. 
- No more than (1) non-essential participant at the field with your player. 
- Will practice social distancing of 6 feet minimum at check in, during instructional activities, and on sidelines until further notice. 
- Will sign the mandatory ASA COVID-19 waiver before participating in activities.