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Tryouts FAQ

Tryouts FAQ

Question Answer
Do I have to attend all tryouts? Ideally, yes. The more the coaching staff gets a chance to evaluate your child’s ability, the more likely they are to accurately assess the player's ability and assign them to the appropriate team.
Should parents attend try-outs? Parents are encouraged to watch the try-out sessions but do not have to be present.
How soon will I know if I make the team? Age group coaches will contact each player and/or family directly or via phone call. Players invited to join United Soccer Club teams will be given a deadline to verbally commit to joining the team.
What if I’m out of town and can’t attend the tryouts? You must contact the respective coach in this case. Coaches must be able to see the player play or make other arrangements in order to be selected to a team.
What should I bring? Come prepared to train with a soccer ball, cleats, shin guards, and water.
What if it rains? In the case of inclement weather, check the United Soccer Club website for alternate tryout dates.
I made the team, what’s next? Each team will have a meeting following tryouts to prepare for the upcoming season. At this time, volunteers will be selected (manager, treasurer, etc) and also team budgets, tournaments, and practice schedules will be discussed. Some teams will train in the summer, but that will vary team to team.
How much will it cost to play with United Soccer Club? Cost will vary team-to-team and age-group to age-group and will also depend on the number of tournaments that the team and coach decide to attend. Sample budgets will be available at tryouts to view.
When will I have to pay my first fee? The first payment of your fee's will be due at the first team meeting. The balance of the fee's will be broken up into schedules based on your specific team's budget.
How soon will practice begin after try-outs? Some teams will train in the summer, but that will vary team to team.
What days will my team practice and where? Each team will have practice fields and days assigned. The coach will advise the team concerning the days and length of practices. Normally teams practice twice a week for 1.5 to 2 hours.
How much travel is involved in competitive/select soccer? The travel commitment varies from age to age and team to team. The reason teams travel is pursuit of competition (with the exception of older teams who are trying to be "seen" by college coaches by attending college showcases). The younger teams in the club can generally find plenty of competition in the Huntsville, Birmingham and Nashville area. Teams also participate in tournaments each season as well. As teams mature, they will often go out of town overnight in order to challenge themselves by playing more competitive teams from other cities.
Which age group is my child in? See the age group chart below. (Cut off dates are January 1 - December 31)

Age Groups for 2017

Age Group Birth Year
U-6 2012
U-7 2011
U-8 2010
U-9 2009
U-10 2008
U-11 2007
U-12 2006
U-13 2005
U-14 2004
U-15 2003
U-16 2002
U-17 2001
U-18 2000
U-19 1999

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